Baltimore Garage Door
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Do you live in a more architectural advanced home? Or, maybe you are trying to update your home so it looks more sleek and in style. In this case, rather than purchasing a regular garage door, you may want to consider designing a custom garage door. By customizing your door, it will be sure to match your style and make any home look great. To create your own garage door, you should be sure to follow these easy steps.

  1. Choose Your Style: You will want to choose between many different styles including panel, roller, and carriage doors. There are many different styles available and you will want to unsure that you pick a style that fits your home and your personality. The great part about customizing your own residential garage door is that you can choose your own fittings and can specify certain finishes and materials.
  2. Do It Yourself or Contractor: You will most likely want to custom design your own garage door. When it comes to the installation, we suggest hiring a professional. If you need help custom designing your door, a contractor would also be able to help with this.
  3. Measure the Space: You will want to ensure that you have measured your door accurately. This will help you figure out where certain mechanisms should be. It will also save you much time by making sure that you create the correct size door the first time.
  4. Order or Make Your Own: If you plan on ordering your custom garage door from a professional company, you will want to note how long it will take to be shipped and installed. If it will not be there for another few weeks, there is no reason to remove your existing door now. If you plan on creating a custom carriage door for your home, you will first need to order the wood panels from a lumber store. Your best options are oak and redwood because they are some of the strongest woods and have an attractive appearance. Once you have picked your wood, you will then need to fix your lock in the accurate position. The easiest way to do this is by laying the wood pieces next to each other and marking a line on each side or where the pieces should go.
  5. Installation: If you have ordered your custom door from a manufacturer, it should come with instructions on how to properly install it. If you have made your own you will want to figure out which way you would like it to open and then properly install the hinges. Once the door is properly installed, you can step back and look at the great custom Baltimore garage door you have just designed and installed yourself.